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Best 3 Amazon FBA Courses that Bring Proven Results

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Before dive into the deep comparison and analysis of different kinds of Amazon FBA courses, we can discuss what are the importance of choosing the right course and how you can pick the course according to your background.

Well, it’s a good decision that you’re seeking for complete financial freedom and you want to say good bye to the corporate lifestyle. Live the life you want through the freedom that can bring you by an online business with Amazon.

Importance of Choosing the Right Course (Amazon FBA)

Yes, you should consider all the aspects of a thing before jump in to test it and buy it. Similarly, in the case of picking up the right Amazon FBA course, you should keep your eyes open upon the course structure such as fee, length of the course, modules, flexibility, authority, results, etc.

1. Course Fee

Of course, it is the primary component that every course has a particular fee range. Because behind every initiation, a bunch of hard works and dedication are there to set up an online course.

It is vital to deliver accurate and understandable information through the live or pre-recorded video modules. So, every tutor stipulates a specific fee amount for their course as the value they giving through their course.

Hence, it’s your duty to take the right decision according to your budget and convenience.

Tip: Almost every course provider will give you free webinar access as a complementary. So, don’t hesitate to sit and watch it carefully. Once you convinced with that webinar then go ahead.

2. Length of the Course

Every course has its own time period to cover and learn all the modules. Because some courses may contain 100+ video modules and 50+ assessments. So, in this case, you may need to invest more time and energy in order to complete the course.

Yes, of course, a good course may take step-by-step guidance with the explanation of all corners of Amazon FBA. If you need an ultimate guide, then never focus on the length. Be focused on the quality.

Tip: It’s good for you to check the course period before buying an Amazon FBA course if you’re under a limited time schedule.

3. Modules

A course contains modules or syllabus which should be covered completely before the course period. But, in the case of an Amazon FBA course, you have plenty of time to finish the course as long as you wish. Because some students may require a long period of time to complete the course successfully.

Hence, take a thorough study on the modules and understand its flexibility to learn.

Tip: Make sure that the modules are easy to understand and follow.

4. Authority of the Course

Authority is a trust symbol of a course. Because lots of online courses and scammers are there on Google. And it’s a risky business to identify the genuine and qualified Amazon FBA course from the online medium. So, at this point, you should focus on the authority of the particular course that you're going to choose.

Tip: You can either search the review of the course on Google or YouTube. Then reach at a final verdict and stand with it.

5. Result

Everybody needs to be convinced about the outcome of a particular thing before grabbing it. Yes, should take a look at the results that can produced by the course which you’re going to choose. You can find it on the testimonial area or achievement area of that course’s page.

Tip: If possible, make a connection with the people who made massive results with that specific course. Because be never fooled by a scam or manipulated reviews.

How to Choose an Amazon FBA Course According to Your Background/level?

Well, this is a common mistake people often do when they going to choose academia. Some choose the right one but others wrongly pick the course due to the lack of their research.

Let’s take a look at some criteria, which should be considered before choosing an Amazon FBA course not only on online but also direct interactive courses.

1. Level of the Candidate

LEVEL? Yes, you should determine your level of online entrepreneurship before choosing an Amazon FBA course. Because you’re going to join to be a part of a large online community. Hence you should analyze your level of language, handling of online marketing software such as email marketing, funnel builder, traffic, etc.

According to your level, you will be categorized as the form of beginner, intermediate, advanced.

2. Familiar with Marketing Tools

Don’t worry about the marketing tools. Because almost every tutor will provide you an ultimate guide to get familiar with email marketing, funnel builder, search engine optimization, traffic (free and paid traffic methods) etc.

So, make sure that the course module contains those things before choosing the course.

Marketing is an Art and you should be a Master of Art later you finish the course

3. Your Budget

Delivering a course for the public has a little bit painful. Lots of hard-works and clearance of technical issues are there. So, obviously, an Amazon FBA course will be a little bit expensive always. But, don’t think that expensiveness is always focused on quality. Because it’s often a symbol of exploitation.

It’s important to choose the right program according to your level of experience in online marketing as well as the budget you have to pick the course.

Let’s dive into the deep study of various Amazon FBA course providers.

You can take a note and do a comparison at the end if you wish. I hope that you have noticed all the points from the very beginning of this post to get a more clarified view all the way to the end of this article.

Course #1

Zon Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David

Name of the tutor: Kevin David

Nationality: American

Course Rating: 4/5

About the tutor:

Kevin David is a full-time online income entrepreneur from Oregon, US who sells stunning Zon Ninja Masterclass of Amazon FBA course for people who seeking for complete financial freedom. And need to start an online business in Amazon.

He hit 1-Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, 751K page likes on Facebook, 339K followers on Instagram, and 8740 followers on Twitter. (Account of February 2021)

Like a legendary? Right?

These accounts are enough to show that how influence Kevin has on social media as well as globally.

With this much influence on marketing media, Kevin has already made more than 500K active course buyers across the world. This means, through Kevin’s this mesmerizing Amazon FBA course can contribute half a million successful Amazon sellers to the world’s largest online shopping medium.

500,000 people chose Kevin’s this course to learn how to sell on Amazon successfully

About Kevin’s Amazon FBA course

Duration of the course: No specific time duration

Mode of course: Online (Step-by-step video tutorials)

Price: $1997

Zon Ninja Masterclass will allow you a free live webinar session at the first time you log in to their dashboard. You can attain a strong connection with both the tutor and this stunning Amazon FBA course itself.

Kevin will provide you an outline of the course and lifetime access to his all modules of the great Zon Ninja Masterclass once you have decided to work with him.

Modules/Syllabus of Zon Ninja Masterclass (An Amazon FBA Course by Kevin David)

Kevin will teach you 6 core modules included the Amazon FBA course, which contains 100+Video tutorials, 40+ hours of implementable strategies, and 6-in-depth modules along with 3-fantastic bonuses.

Module #1: Product Research

This is the first and most important modules that you should understand thoroughly. Don’t worry, before this module, you may encounter a welcome module.

In this first modules, Kevin will teach you how to achieve instant success in Amazon such as first sale in the first month, product research strategy to identify the winning product on Amazon at all the time.

Also, the inner Amazon software data hacks such as best-selling products internationally and market research, etc…

The first module will cover 23-Videos of constructing your online store with Amazon seller central. Kevin will lead you properly through his stunning strategies methods.

Module #2: Suppliers and Shipping

After you learn deeply about the product research, it’s time to find the best supplier who sells goods for you, to sell on your Amazon store.

It’s often a high risky business and most of the budding Amazon sellers fail at this point due to the lack of knowledge on how to choose the perfect supplier. But, you’re lucky, Kevin will guide you properly to overcome this issue.

He will guide you through how you can import goods directly from Chinese suppliers at the most affordable rate to your Amazon warehouse.

This will be the best strategy that Kevin has going to impart to you. Through this strategy, you can place the best deal on your Amazon store.

Module #3: Listing Optimization

Now you have the best products and you learned how to find the best suppliers all the way to the third module. In this third module, you will encounter the optimization tactics of Amazon.

This fundamental module will cover how you can optimize your products with top ranking on Amazon’s search results. Yes, optimization is a mandatory field to get maximized reach to your store as well as to your products to get a higher conversion rate consecutively and followed by fast success with Amazon FBA.

Module #4: Product Launch Strategies

The fourth module will cover the perfect launching of a product in your Amazon store. Yes, you need to put immense attention on this specific module. Because without having a proper guideline about exact product launch, you will not be succeeded with Amazon FBA business.

You may not receive the reviews if you don’t have appropriate product launch strategies.

So, the fourth module is actually about strategic ways of product launch for a better Amazon FBA business start.

Module #5: Marketing Tools Training (Facebook, ClickFunnels, Instagram, Amazon PPC)

The 5th module is the strategic move of your Amazon FBA business to the next level. You will learn how you can market your business all over the world through the power of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and the most powerful funnel building software like ClickFunnels to collect your visitor's contact details to keep in touch with them in the future.

Amazon PPC strategies will also be covered in this module to know how you can get more conversions from every campaign.

Kevin is there to guide you and encourage you all the way to your success.

Module #6: Amazon Seller Central Hacks

This is the final module of this amazing Amazon FBA course. Once you have completed this module too, you will be listed among the list of top Amazon sellers list.

Yes, this module has the secrets of Amazon’s inner algorithm hacks. You can start multiple Amazon seller account without getting any suspension, and top ranking on Amazon as well.

So, what wait for? It’s your turn to start your stunning Amazon FBA business in 2021.

FAQ About Zon Ninja Masterclass

Here are the most helpful queries that people often have about Zon Ninja Amazon FBA course.

Q. What are included in this specific course?

A. This stunning course has an in-depth step-by-step guide to constructing a successful Amazon FBA business for people who have been looking for the right mentorship. Includes 8 core modules, 120+video tutorials along with 5 extra bonuses.

Q. Is this Amazon FBA course for beginners or advanced people?

A. The most fascinating thing about this Amazon FBA course is anybody can start it without considering the experience level in the marketing business. If you’re a beginner, you have more specified training inside. Don’t want to bother about your level.

Q. Can I get lifetime access? Once I signed up for this course?

A. Yes, Of course, you can get the access as long as you wish (Lifetime access). Although you will be added to the great Zon Ninja Facebook family group as well. There you can share your queries and experience freely.

Q. Is this course has a refund policy if I’m not satisfied?

A. Yes, you have covered a full amount of refund if you’re not satisfied or you wish to leave the course within the two weeks (14-Days). But, you will not feel like that once you have visited inside the course gallery. You must be served the best for the money you spend in this Amazon FBA course.

Q. How can I purchase this course?

A. You can either use your credit/debit card or use a payment channel such as PayPal.

Course #2

Nine University 2.0 – Super Car of Amazon FBA

Name of the tutors: Kale&Taylor

Nationality: American

Course Rating: 3.5/5

Year of Course Founded: 2017

About the tutors

Kale and Taylor is two young entrepreneur who already made 100+ million in total community sales accompanied with 75+ employees across the world. Besides, they have more than 10000+ happy customers each year.

These two tutors specialized in product research criterium. Hence, undoubtedly, they can create their result much focused. Through this particular strategy, they can squeeze out the low competition products which have more demand every day.

This Amazon FBA course provides you a specific software tool that will help you to find those high-demand products in online media in less than a minute.

About the Course

Duration of the course: 16 hours of video (total length)

Mode of course: Online

Price: 1997 (Free to create an account)

The main aspect of this particular Amazon FBA course is to provide the best product research tool to find out the high-demand products that have low competitors in Amazon search results.

Most of the time the Amazon FBA business will be more challenging when you have more competitors in the same niche you have been working in. So, this course tool will be a milestone for you to withstand and defeat other marketing competitors.

This is the main claim of Kale and Taylor based on their stunning Amazon FBA course.

Modules/Syllabus of Nine University 2.0 (Amazon FBA course)

An Introductory or Welcome Video

As every entrepreneur does, Kale and Taylor also interact with you in a welcome module. They will bring you to the whole part of their Amazon FBA course through step-by-step guidance. Give you a complete outline of their valuable course, their background, and the experience as well.

You can’t expect much in-depth information from this part. This is just an introduction to give you a clear picture of their Amazon FBA course.

This tutorial roughly takes 37-minutes in total (don’t skip it, try to watch the entire video).

Module #1: The foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA

The first module of Kale’s and Taylor’s Amazon FBA course covers foundational works of your online business with Amazon. To make it more clear, as a business entity, you need to attain a license of your firm. For instance, most of the business firms are include an LLC mark with their business name. Similarly, the authors will teach you what are the formalities that you have to take to gain LLC trademark with your Amazon FBA business.

This module takes about 1-hour 16-minute length.

Module #2: Scoping the 7-Figure Product

To pick up a high demand product that has fewer competitors is a risky business. But, this particular module will help you to find those stunning product with two helpful tools which named as Boost Nine and Helium 10

Boost Nine: It’s a kind of tool to find out the best products that selling on Amazon.

Helium 10: It’s an all-in-one software that delivers comprehensive training tutorials to impart the efficient power to thrive Amazon FBA business both for individuals and brands. This stunning tool trusted by 250,000+ entrepreneurs and agencies across the world. Helium 10 helps you to crack the algorithm of product selection, launching, and scaling product listing feasibly.

You will be given all the necessary guidance about these tools.

After you complete this module, you will be ready to choose the right Amazon FBA products impeccably.

Total time takes to complete this module is 3 hour and 36-minute.

Modules #3: Partnership with Elite Suppliers

After you learn how to find the perfect product with the help of those two tools, you need to find the supplier who ready to send you those chosen products to your Amazon FBA business.

Our tutors will strongly recommend you to stay with the world’s largest supplier community that is

Directly picking up the perfect products from China will also be a good choice. You may get the best deals from this platform (Alibaba).

This module will take 1 hour and 13-minutes long to complete.

Modules #4: Shipping to Amazon and How to Pay for Product Orders

The very next process after you learn how to choose a perfect supplier is shipping the products to Amazon FBA. Yes, at this point your products should be allocated in a proper manner in the warehouse where people find your products and make the orders. In other words, keeping the inventory properly.

This module will also cover the various parts of Amazon fulfillment such as keeping the stock, labeling, tracking the package’s status whether it shipped or not or delivered or not, etc.

This module especially emphasizes the procurement of Amazon products. Yes, the product should be well packed and sealed before it left the Amazon fulfillment center. If not, due to the poor packaging and sealing, the wrap-up may break while its transportation from one fulfillment center to another.

As a bonus, the mentors will give you an ultimate guide about how you can send the products to both nationally and internationally occupied Amazon fulfillment center.

The total length of this module will take about 46-minutes to complete (A short module).

Modules #5: How to Set-Up an Auto-Sales Listing

This module is focusing more deeply on how to optimize your product list in a scrutinized way as well as the importance of the Helium 10 tool to find out the best keyword review that really helps you to improve your product listing in a greater way.

You can also leverage the power of Kale’s and Taylor’s Done-for-you stunning research tool named as Honey Badger Boost.

This module will take up-to 2hours and 28-minutes long to complete.

Modules #6: Product Image and specifications

This is the most important and powerful module ever you’re going to learn with this Amazon FBA course. Because this module will cover the in-depth part of online marketing.

Showcasing the products in front of your audience with all necessary marketing elements such as attractive product images, detailed specifications, uses, uniqueness, and comparison with other competitors would be a better option to market your stunning product among your audience.

The more you invest in marketing the more you can grow with your Amazon FBA business

Take a look at some instances.

Picture A: Picture-A depicts just an image of your product. There are no specifications and details on it. So, if your product images are like this, you may get very few Amazon FBA sales. Because most of the viewers just scroll down the page without taking any action at this point.

Picture B: Picture-B shows the various phases of using a particular product. Guidance always be a better option to educate people about your products.

Picture C: Picture-C displays the epic usages and mode of applications of a particular product. Through these types of Amazon product images, people can get a more clear picture of the product and it's distinctive itself.

It is the shortest module which only takes up-to 35-minutes to complete.

FAQs about Nine University 2.0

Q. Is this course legitimate one?

A. Yes, this course is 100% trustworthy and has lots of proven results. Although, they still making new updates every month. Nine university Amazon FBA course is one of the leading course that can contribute more potential Amazon sellers in the past year (2020).

Q. Is this course available worldwide?

A. Yes, you can access to this Amazon FBA course if you have a Wi-Fi or internet connection from every corner of the world. You will get all the necessary guidelines under a single roof.

Q. How Nine university’s Amazon FBA course unique from other FBA courses?

A. The one-on-one coaching is the most highlighting part of this course. It’s skeptical that there are no other FBA courses that provide this facility for their students.

Course #3

JungleScout – Become Amazon’s Next Best Seller

Who else wishes to become the best seller on Amazon in 2021? Are you? Then here is a golden opportunity waiting for you.

I know, so many people have the mettle to start an Amazon FBA business themselves. But, most of them won’t have enough money to invest in it. Because almost every Amazon FBA courses are expensive. It may cost more than $1000 to get full access to the course. We saw that in the previous two cases above.

Then what else we can do?

Well, that’s a common question. Here is a better option for those kinds of people who don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in an Amazon FBA course. This is actually a website called, JungleScout.

About JungleScout

JungleScout is an online training platform to impart the best resources and most powerful data for entrepreneurs and brands to grow their business with the world’s largest online shopping medium called Amazon.

Founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer at Austin. Now, JungleScout is the most leading all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers.


Junglescout provides three distinctive plans. Which are; Basic, Suite (most popular), and Professional.

Basic Plan Comes With

As the name indicates, you can only expect basic things through this plan. You will be served product ideas and single-user license along with full access to their famous extension tool.

This will be apt for you if you’re a beginner with Amazon FBA business. Be always start with the basic things, through that you can least the mistakes and most the exemplary things.

Suite Plan Contains

This is the most popular plan with Junglescout. Most of the people choose it to start their online business with Amazon FBA. Because this specific plan provides you ultimate managing caliber of an Amazon Business in addition of finding epic products to sell on Amazon.

This plan will also allow you to add your partner inside to this tutorial.

This is why Junglescout claims that they will make you Amazon’s next best seller by taking their suite plan.

Professional Plan Includes

This is the best pic for people who have attained advanced level with Amazon FBA business. You can also leverage all the features of both basic and suite plan by taking professional plan.

In this plan, you can add 6 users to the dashboard with the priority onboarding.

Moreover, the professional plan will allow you to track 1000+ products and 5000+keywords respectively.

In short, this plan is a great asset for you to get more data, more users, and more access with a single plan.


I already mentioned that Junglescout is a service providing platform, not a complete online course provider. So, they will charge you according to the plan you choose to initiate your Amazon FBA business.

The pricing structure may vary according to the plan and duration you choose.

If you’re looking to choose the plan yearly basis, you can save up to 40%. Or you can choose a monthly plan without the offer.

The pricing is divided on the basis of two payment modes.

Yearly Plan: Starts from $29/month and goes up to $84/month if you choose the yearly plan. (save 40%)

Monthly Plan: Starts from $49/month and goes up to $129/month if you choose a monthly plan.

I think you’re getting the most descent service at this price range. Because it is affordable and a good opportunity to leverage the power of Amazon FBA business even under a tight budget.

What You Can Expect Inside Junglescout?

Junglescout’s academy program will give you all the necessary guidance to learn how to sell on Amazon like a Pro. The main attractive thing about this course is, you can get direct interaction with the best sellers from Amazon FBA business without the hefty price tag.

Copying the exact strategies of successful Amazon sellers will make your Amazon FBA journey easier to get succeed without much difficulties.

Junglescout Academy

This is the most effective and comprehensive training program which includes 130 video modules to learn how to sell on Amazon. Through creating an account on Junglescout, your entrepreneur journey will starts from product research to managing your Amazon FBA business.

The actionable academy training covers all the aspects of the seller journey with step-by-step guidance from Amazon Pros.

Highlights of the Academy

This specific training program has some advanced features. That will propel your Amazon seller journey more worthfully.

1. Get the training from the CEO

Junglescout’s academy will provide you an opportunity to learn the leading training modules from the founder of this platform. Yes, you’re going to sit for the ultimate training from an 8-figure earner as well as the winner of Best Amazon Expert by seller Awards.

Greg Mercer will disclose his secrete strategies with you throughout his leading training modules. So, it’s so simple for you to understand it and copy it to your Amazon FBA business.

Who else wishes to get the masterclass without a hefty price tag? Then this is right for you… to learn it, do it, win it. Hard work payoff

2. Manage Amazon at your own pace

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, don’t think that this course will not apt for you. The academy will categorize you and give you the guidance according to your experience and level. Gradually enhance your level of experience with academy training modules.

Launch and then scale your Amazon FBA business whenever you want with academy’s on-demand contents and guidance.

3. Live Q&A session on YouTube

Participate in the live Q&A sessions and ask your queries with the expert to get the best advice. Newbies can join the jumpstart live stream session for the best starting experience and get access to the community forums and monthly live stream training modules.

The real-time interaction with an expert can bring you the ultimate solution for your queries

A Quick Guide to Purchasing Amazon FBA course

There are so many courses are there on online. You may see millions of course providers with a cheaper rate, and you may think why should I want to spend thousands of dollars while I having Amazon FBA courses for $10. But don’t rely on them. Because you’re not getting the value through such courses.

Invest in the best and highly reputable tutors at one time to get the best strategies to become the best seller on Amazon in 2021.

People Frequently Asking Questions About Amazon FBA Business

1. Is It Worthy to Start An Amazon FBA Business in 2021?

Everything has been switching into online marketing media. Even the Pharmacy. Because it is the most convenient and easy way to access anywhere in the world regardless of time, and limits.

Take a look at some analytical reports, that will show you is Amazon FBA business worthy or not to start in 2021.

is that beyond your expectation?

2. How Deeply Covid-19 Affected Amazon FBA Business?

Literally, the Amazon FBA business is more profitable than the previous year. Because more and more people prefer online shopping media to ensure their safety from the global pandemic disease.

The report says that about 85% of Amazon sellers are profitable with their Amazon FBA business. Each of them has at least a 62% of increase in their sales range. Almost 44% of Amazon sellers say that their business has tremendous growth than they expected just because of the pandemic situation.

Each of the proportion rates depicts how profitable this stunning business model is. Online shopping and selling will persist as long as people live. So, it’s your turn to start your Amazon FBA business in this year.

3. Is Amazon FBA Business Beginners friendly or not?

Almost every business model is friendly for beginners. Similarly, Amazon FBA business too. Beginners can start with their journey either with their own products or by copying the exact blueprint of successful Amazon sellers. By practicing this, you can expect a quick massive result. Because it’s important to follow the right rules and strategies if you’re a complete beginner rather than starting an Amazon FBA business by yourself.

So, if you’re okay with the fundamental thing such as product research, listing optimization, product launch, etc... Then go ahead. You’re good to go.

4. Are Amazon FBA Courses Worthy to Purchase?

Yes, of course. Because you need to be focused on a particular tutor with step-by-step guidance instead of seeking plenty of blog posts and YouTube videos. You may get confused by perceiving many arguments from various platforms. Someone will promote one strategy but others will refuse it. Followed by you may get messed up.

Free stuff is worthy and good to follow. But you can’t expect the best quality in on it. So, purchasing an Amazon FBA course will not be a loss for your selling journey. Because you’re investing both your money and energy for a single mission in a highly reputative tutor.

Put the trust in your tutor and follow the exact footprints with immense care.

The rest will definitely chase you. Trust me, I promise you.

1. Which is the Best Amazon FBA course in 2021?

The meaning of best is the quality and strategies that included in a specific course. Also, who will provide the ultimate guides until you get success in a focused niche. So, in my verdict, Kevin’s Zon Ninja Amazon FBA course will give you the best quality and strategies with an offer of lifetime access to his course. Through this option, you can get access to his training modules as long as you wish.

Kevin is a 7-figure achiever. So, you can copy his blueprint and utilize it wisely. Although, Kevin will release new video tutorials through his YouTube channel. You can also catch his stunning content via YouTube videos.

An Executive Summary

Choosing the right Amazon FBA course and following the right strategies are up to you. The decision is yours.

Remember that you have a clear picture of the course you’re going to choose.

Firstly, I strongly recommend for you to Sit for the free webinar and understand the basic things about the course and Amazon FBA business. Once you have convinced and happy to move forward, then go ahead.

Do your best and the rest will definitely chase you.

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